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PULSE, published monthly, provides a continuing dashboard of norms for health plan performance, enabling managers to identify areas of variance. It includes both capital cost metrics, such as price per member or price earnings multiples, as well as operational metrics such as membership growth, administrative expense to premium ratio, health benefit ratio and premium rate increases. In addition, PULSE provides monthly inserts on key topics ranging from Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans, rate increases, components of administrative expenses and economies of scale. Finally, PULSE reports on trends in earnings, business combinations and financings. Our first edition was published in 1991.

Every month, PULSE reports on key events affecting the health plan industry, including mergers, acquisitions, financial results, conversions, restructurings and other notable events. PULSE also provides detailed financial information on every publicly traded health plan company. Finally, every month PULSE provides indepth analyses of various factors affecting health plans.

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PULSE Topics

PULSE covers a wide range of topics concerning the health plan industry. To review a list of recently covered topics, click here.

Industry News

This section includes recent news concerning the health plan industry, primarily reported from a financial point of view. Areas that PULSE reports on each month include, health plans':

Health Plan Market, Financial & Operating Statistics

This section includes a four-page printed spreadsheet with detailed financial data for every public HMO company. Financial data reported each month includes:

Monthly Indepth Analysis ("Insert")

Each month, PULSE looks at a key topic affecting the health plan industry through a detailed analysis. Analyses are generally eight pages in length. Some of these analyses include:

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